Who we are

Strimpay is a financial money service platform that is owned and parented by "EASYSHOPEN ONLINE MARKETPLACE" an ecommerce company that has been in businese since 2018 till date.


Our Values

Our Mission

Our major mission is to make transfer of money between two parties very easy and stable without sharing much financial details to receive money. With just an email address,users can send and receive money within Nigeria as quick as possible.

Our Vision

Our vision is to enhance the business sectors in Nigeria,sending and receiving money from clients or customers swiftly build a great and standby trust in businesses. Many business are being slowed down by slow transactions between two business partners and Strimpay is here to increase the speed of businesses with fast and quick transactions between two businesses.

Our Goal

Having access to shop online and have access to online services is our major goal with Strimpay visa virtual card. With our virtual card users can pay bills and make purchases at over 1000+ online merchants.

What people are saying about Strimpay

An effective payments experience people love to talk about