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Forgotten password is not a problem,users can reset their password easily by receiving a reset information through their email address.
Withdrawal of funds from Strimpay accounts to bank is swift and easy,users just have to enter their required bank account details they wish to withdraw their funds to and thats all it takes for users to withdraw.
Users can easily bind their Strimpay visa virtual card from their dashboard by entering every virtual card details required and their virtual card will be binded easily.
Every user that signs up gets their email address binded automatically
Users can receive payment very easily,with just their email address.
Every payment/transaction can be viewed or seen on users dashboard when they send or receive money from users on Strimpay.
Users can get a loan within a minutes, simply by filling a simple loan application.
Users can request payment from their payer using their payers email address to request for payment. And users can send funds through emails.
0.5% transaction fee is required for transferring funds from Strimpay to Strimpay account,and 0% withdrawal fee.
Users can reject an approved loan given to them if they dont feel comfortable taking a loan.
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