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Receive money easily and quickly with easy simple steps using Strimpay.

How does it work?

How easy receiving money can be using Strimpay service.

Receiving money with Strimpay money service comes with a very simple format,after a simple 20 seconds registeration,users can start receiving payment from friends,family and customers via users Strimpay email address.

Received funds can be withdrawn instantly into users bank account within few seconds. Strimpay can be used to receive money from anyone around the country(Nigeria).

What people are saying about Strimpay

A payment experience every Nigerian love to talk about

“Easy to use,receiving money with strimpay is extremely fast and easy. I introduced it to my customers to start receiving payment for faster business deals and to easily build trust among ourselves,strimpay is really a welcomed idea in nigeria.”

Owadokun Francis Port harcourt

“I am happy using strimpay to send money its so easy and quick,i will tell my more people to start using strimpay since its much better in sending money.”

Ombu Awotunde Anambra

“Only trying it out since a few days. But up to now excellent. Seems to work flawlessly. I'm only using it for sending money to friends at the moment.”

Ikwue Ifeanyi Lagos

“I have used them twice now. Good rates, very efficient service and fast withdrawal to local banks, Excellent.”

Kolawole Danlami Lagos

Frequently Asked Questions

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Strimpay is a financial and a money services for sending, receiving, requesting and withdrawing of money within Nigeria with 0%-0.5% low transaction charges and also a loan service for small businesses and individuals
Receiving money with strimpay is easy without giving out your financial details,with an email address you can receive money quickly and efficiently.
Strimpay has a very strong security layers that protects users information and every transactions that goes through Strimpay in and out of Strimpay.
Strimpay charge as low as 0% fee to 0.5% fee on transactions,deposit,loan and every withdrawal on Strimpay website.
Strimpay can be used to receive and send money only within Nigeria. Strimpay plans to expand its services to other part of african countries.
Business owners can use Strimpay to receive payment and also send money to their business partners,which is more convenient and reliable for business owners.

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