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Strimpay is a user friendly money services, that can be easily used by anyone to send and receive money, from customers, friends, family or business partners. Strimpay offers a very low transaction charges of 0.5% transfer fee. Strimpay also offers a quick loan for small businesses to kick start with a 0% interest rate for every first loan. Strimpay is secured,reliable and trusted by Nigerians.

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Sending money with Strimpay is at the finger tip of every Strimpay users, no vital information is needed to send money or receive money when using Strimpay.

Its much better using Strimpay to send money to business partners, customers/clients, friends and family because its more reliable and never fails in transaction dealings in Nigeria.

Send money quickly with 0% charges to anyone in Nigeria.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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Strimpay is a financial and a money services for sending, receiving, requesting and withdrawing of money within Nigeria with 0%-0.5% low transaction charges and also a loan service for small businesses and individuals
Receiving money with strimpay is easy without giving out your financial details,with an email address you can receive money quickly and efficiently.
Strimpay has a very strong security layers that protects users information and every transactions that goes through Strimpay in and out of Strimpay.
Strimpay charge as low as 0% fee to 0.5% fee on transactions,deposit,loan and every withdrawal on Strimpay website.
Strimpay can be used to receive and send money only within Nigeria. Strimpay plans to expand its services to other part of african countries.
Business owners can use Strimpay to receive payment and also send money to their business partners,which is more convenient and reliable for business owners.

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